Who We Are

Every day presents a new opportunity for a better financial future, where there's peace of mind and dreams are realized. No matter where you are in life or your financial standing, the door is wide open and the possibilities are seemingly endless. All you have to do is get started.

With the help of World Financial Group (WFG), a leading financial services organization in North America, and its thousands of independent associates, you can plan for a better future. Your financial past does not matter. Our associates are ready to help you achieve your dreams beginning today.

WFG financial professionals offer financial services and solutions from top product providers, in addition to investment and money management strategies through WFG's affiliate broker-dealer1. We have the experience, tools and strategies to put you on the path to financial freedom. Our reputation is built on:

  • Helping people from all walks of life reach their financial goals
  • Empowering thousands of individuals and families to create and grow wealth through a variety of best-in-class financial products and services
  • Educating our clients on financial fundamentals, so they can make wise choices, and better manage and protect their money
  • Doing what is right for our clients, every time

Count on your WFG financial professional to help you eliminate the barriers to financial security and open the door of opportunity.


1 In order to sell securities-related products or offer investment advisory services, an associate must be properly licensed, registered and appointed. Securities are offered through Transamerica Financial Advisors, Transamerica Financial Group Division.

The Challenge

WFG financial professionals understand that it is difficult for many individuals and families to navigate today's economic environment. Many people have been challenged by periods of unemployment, insufficient emergency funds and savings, and increased debt. And traditional sources of financial security, such as pensions and Social Security, are inadequate or nonexistent.

The imperative to attain financial security has never been stronger, as these statistics suggest:

  • 58 million U.S. households say they do not own enough life insurance coverage 2
  • 68% of working people have less than $1,000 in savings and investments, and 19% have 1,000-$9,999 3

Our financial professionals provide the information, skills and knowledge people need to make informed decisions about their finances. They make it possible for individuals and families across North America to dream for a better tomorrow.


2LIMRA, The Facts of Life & Annuities, 2011 Update, September 2011.
3EBRI, Retirement Confidence Survey, March 2011, no 355.

Our Cause

We are driven to impact thousands of families and individuals throughout North America by helping them build a better financial future.

We are leading the charge in opening up the financial services industry-eliminating the barriers of income, high deposits and social status-so people from all walks of life can attain financial independence.

For that reason, WFG financial professionals provide you with best-of-breed products and services, as well as enhance your understanding of financial fundamentals. As a result, you can make wise choices, and better manage and protect your money.

We strive to provide the opportunity for a better tomorrow to everyone.


World Financial Group, Inc. and World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada Inc. are Transamerica companies. The Transamerica companies offer a wide array of innovative financial services and products with a common purpose: to help individuals, families and businesses build, protect and preserve their hard-earned assets. With more than a century of experience, Transamerica has built a solid reputation on solid management, sound decisions and consumer confidence. To learn more about Transamerica click here.

WFG Executive Leadership

WFG is a company built on a solid foundation of leadership. Collectively, the WFG Executive Leadership team brings more than 100 years of relevant experience to bear in WFG’s commitment to transform the financial services industry from one that largely serves the wealthy into one that helps people from all walks of life. Each of these leaders has a proven track record of success. Together, their leadership, experience and knowledge help to make WFG a financial services powerhouse that is aimed to positively impact the futures of thousands of people who are in search of expert, trustworthy financial solutions.

  • Executive Staff
    The members of the Executive Leadership team are the senior officers of World Financial Group. among their many responsibilities, these individuals work together with top field leadership, to develop and manage the company's strategic initiatives and goals, ensure that associates receive the administrative support needed to operate their organizations efficiently and effectively, and develop and manage marketing, branding and product initiatives.

  • Director's Circle
    WFG Director's Circle is responsible for overseeing the company's strategy and performance.

  • Chairman's Circle
    The Chairman's Circle is comprised of WFG professionals who have unparalleled industry knowledge, skill and integrity. Each member has years of experience in helping clients achieve their financial goals. Their strategic insight helps shape the direction of the company.

  • President's Circle
    The WFG President's Circle members have shown exceptional leadership in the financial services field. They play a key role in driving WFG's growth.

Product Providers

To provide the opportunity for a better tomorrow to families, individuals and small business owners throughout North America, WFG, through its affiliated companies, has partnered with industry-leading and well-respected product providers.

Companies listed maintain current selling agreements with World Financial Group Insurance Agency, Inc. (WFGIA) and/or Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc. (TFA).

Western Reserve Life Assurance Co. of Ohio, Transamerica Life Insurance Co., Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Co.,Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc., World Financial Group Insurance Agency, Inc. and World Financial Group, Inc. are affiliated companies.

The full names, city and state locations of these entities are: Western Reserve Life Assurance Co. of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio; Transamerica Annuities is part of Transamerica Capital, Inc., Denver, Colorado; Pacific Life Insurance Company, Newport Beach, California; ING USA Annuity and Life Insurance Company, Des Moines, Iowa; Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio; Prudential Annuities Distributors, Inc., Shelton, Connecticut.

WFG Foundation

The WFG Foundation and the WFG Charitable Trust provide matching dollars to charitable causes close to our associates’ hearts. Through donations to charitable organizations, WFG helps improve the lives of families in communities across North America, where WFG associates live and work.