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Scam Using World Financial Group Name and Logo

It has come to the attention of World Financial Group (WFG) that a scam is being perpetrated using the WFG logo, letterhead and name to offer personal loans to households and individuals. As a service to our clients and the general public, WFG is providing this notice to make you aware of this scam.

World Financial Group, Inc. and World Financial Group Canada Inc. do not offer loans.

At World Financial Group Insurance Agency, Inc. in the United States, and World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada Inc. we offer insurance products through well-known, established providers.

We offer securities products in the United States through Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc., Transamerica Financial Group Division and, in Canada, through WFG Securities Inc.

If you or someone you know, including any WFG clients, receive a solicitation for a loan, know that it is not a legitimate product or service being offered by anyone connected to WFG or any of our affiliated companies in the United States or Canada. It is an attempt by scammers to procure money by fraudulently using the World Financial Group name and/or brand. If you receive a letter or email making a loan offer, please do not respond to it or act on any of the information contained in it and we encourage you to alert your local authorities regarding the scam.