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I'm living my dream of playing volleyball as my career, but I learned from my parents that it is never too early to plan for my future by saving and investing.
— Justine Wong-Orantes

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Slow and steady wins the race! That's always been my approach to retirement savings and growth.  I'm not one to follow the market's twists and turns on a daily or weekly basis. And quite frankly, I don't enjoy talking finance!  But that's where my financial planner, Glenice Harris, has proven her worth beyond measure!!!  

Glenice and I had been friends for years before she began helping me to manage my retirement savings well over a decade ago.  Knowing my conservative personality and aversion to financial volatility, Glenice steered me toward safer investment vehicles and helped me to consolidate disparate investments in an effort to help me meet my retirement goals...  

We continue to meet at least twice a year to make sure that I'm "sticking to the plan" that will make my retirement dreams a reality! I would recommend Glenice Harris' financial planning services to anyone who's committed to growing their savings for retirement. She's more than qualified to help her clients grow wealth and security.  But most importantly, Glenice is a patient financial planner, who's willing to help educate her clients at whatever point they are in their journey to financial success!!! 

Patricia Powell
WFG Client

My advice to any young family just starting out would be to find a way to secure your future, even if you invest small, start somewhere. You can do the same with your insurance.
– Pamela Brown

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