JULY 15-17, 2021
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All of the greatest WFG leaders have one thing in common: they trust the process. By putting the needs of others first, offering financial education to thousands of individuals and helping people move toward a better future, along with their drive to succeed, they have built great businesses regardless of – and in some cases, in spite of – their background.

Being an independent business owner takes hard work and effort, but we know each of you are up for the challenge. And the company is here for you: providing the business platform and mentorship to help you maximize your potential.

That is what E3 is all about: for you to Entrust, Envision and Engage.

The event, which is virtual this year, will have top entrepreneurs sharing their experiences, great guest speakers offering their knowledge on different topics, and the chance for you to connect with one another. Plus, we will have special breakout sessions that will take a deep dive into key areas of the business.

The virtual E3 is July 15-17, and for a limited time the “early bird” registration fee is just $30. Of this registration fee, $5 will be donated to The WFG Foundation in the United States and the WFG Charitable Trust in Canada as a way to give back to the communities in which you live and work. One important note, by registering you also gain access to the on-demand recording that’s available after the event, so if you miss part or all of a session, you can watch it later through the recording.

This is your chance to commit to your business, your team, yourself and all your aspirations. We look forward to you joining us!



Day one of E3 will be centered around the need to entrust in yourself, your business and the importance of establishing a reputation of excellence with your clients. Some of our most successful entrepreneurs have reached unexpected heights in their business through their relentless determination, unyielding commitment to always doing what is best for their clients and trusting in the company’s business model. They will share with you their stories of where they came from and how they achieved success.

Even through a pandemic, WFG not only survived, we thrived. As the United States and Canada begin to reopen, you can now begin to combine the technology you’ve relied on during the past year with the power that you already know is found in true face-to-face meetings. There is a tremendous growth opportunity not only for WFG as an organization but also, and more importantly, for you and your business. On day two of E3, listen in as WFG leaders offer tips on how they are incorporating technology into their business even as they open their office doors. Plus, hear from our providers on how they envision their continued relationship with the company as well as  the company executives about some of the exciting initiatives planned for 2021 and beyond. Let’s envision the future together.

Each day at WFG, you engage with your clients and your team as well as your colleagues on other teams across North America, the home office and your community. Being engaged with the people around you is an important and critical component of being a business owner. On the final, pivotal day of E3, top agents will share best practices on how to forge meaningful connections and how to remain focused in the face of distractions and challenges.

Engage with Leading Experts

Not only will you hear from top field leaders and company executives during the virtual E3, there will be powerful guest speakers who will share the importance in believing in yourself, your talents as a leader and entrepreneur, how to use all the resources at your disposal to be successful, and advice on how to connect with people who can help you succeed.


CEO, Female Factor Corp. Author, Speaker and Consultant


President, Impact-Pro Executive Coach, Speaker and Author


Founder and Owner of Joe Gibbs Racing and Former NFL Coach & Hall of Famer


As always, we have an awesome line up of WFG field leaders who will motivate, inspire and share their tips to help you be successful. Make sure you engage with these and our other amazing speakers.

pennEy ooi

raJa dhaliwal

johnathan mehrian

ed mylett
jaime villalovos

juan jaime

levi mboni

angelica betancourt haro


Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with top executives who will share exciting business updates with you that can help you move your business forward.

Tom Dempsey

President & CEO
World Financial Group
Insurance Agency, LLC

Will Fuller

President & CEO

Blake Bostwick

CEO of Individual Solutions

Rick Williams

World Financial Group
Insurance Agency
of Canada, Inc.

Diana Baldwin Martinez

Head of Channel Marketing
World Financial Group
Insurance Agency, LLC


Engage with Your Team

Download the entire set of E3 posters that you can post in your office – wherever it may be – and share with your team during meetings to encourage them to register for WFG’s top annual event.

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