Assurance vie :
protégez ce qui compte le plus pour vous

Tous les moments sont bons pour apprendre et renseigner les autres sur le rôle important que joue l’assurance vie dans une stratégie financière saine.

Assurance vie 101

Quel est le montant d’assurance vie dont vous avez besoin ?

Lorsqu’il s’agit de l’assurance vie, il n’y a pas de couverture passe-partout qui est bonne pour tout le monde. Le montant et le type de couverture d’assurance nécessaires sont différents d’une personne à l’autre et dépendent chez chacun :

  • de l’âge ;
  • de l’état de santé ;
  • du revenu, de la situation financière actuelle ;
  • du nombre de personnes à charge.

De plus, à mesure que les gens avancent dans la vie, leurs besoins en matière d’assurance vie peuvent évoluer selon les changements survenus dans leur situation personnelle, notamment un mariage ou un divorce, la naissance des enfants, les fluctuations de revenu, etc.

Compte tenu de ces considérations, la règle générale veut que l’on ait une couverture d’assurance vie suffisante pour fournir environ l’équivalent de votre revenu du ménage annuel multiplié par dix. Par exemple, si votre revenu du ménage actuel est de 50 000 $, envisagez d’avoir un montant total de couverture d’assurance vie de 500 000 $.

8 sur 10

Américains affirment qu’ils ont besoin d’assurance vie pour

52 %

des adultes américains détiennent de l’assurance vie sous une forme ou une autre.

80 millions

d’Américains affirment qu’ils ont besoin d’assurance vie.

Source : l’étude Baromètre de l’assurance 2022, LIMRA

Types d'assurance vie

Assurance vie temporaire

Offre une protection d’assurance vie individuelle pour un certain nombre d’années (c.-à-d. temporaire). Ce type d’assurance coûte habituellement moins cher que l’assurance permanente avec le même capital assuré. Toutefois, l’assurance temporaire n’accumule pas une valeur de rachat brute.

Assurance vie permanente

La couverture reste en vigueur jusqu’au décès du titulaire de police aussi longtemps que les primes sont payées, à moins que la police n’expire ou ne soit rachetée. La plupart des polices d’assurance vie permanente comportent également un certain type de volet d’épargne qui permet la croissance de la valeur de rachat brute au cours de la vie de la police.

  • Caractéristique
  • Prestation de décès libre d’impôt
  • Une prime moins élevée
  • Accès à la valeur d’achat brute
  • Taux d’intérêt minimal garanti
  • Participation au marché
  • Avantages fiscaux
  • Paiement de primes souple
  • Assurance vie temporaire
  • Tax-Free Death Benefit
  • Lower Premium
  • Access to Cash Value
  • Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate
  • Market Participation
  • Tax Advantages
  • Flexible Premium Payments
  • Prime d’assurance vie
  • Tax-Free Death Benefit
  • Lower Premium
  • Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate
  • 1
  • 2
  • Flexible Premium Payments
  • 3
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Trouver la bonne assurance pour votre avenir

Lorsque vous évaluez vos besoins en matière d’assurance vie, réfléchissez à ces questions et répondez-y honnêtement :

  • Quel est votre niveau d’endettement à long et à court termes ?
  • Quels sont vos objectifs à long terme ?
  • Quelle portion du revenu de l’assuré sera nécessaire et pendant combien d’années ?
  • Combien d’argent voulez-vous mettre de côté pour les frais funéraires ou le fonds d’urgence ?
  • Quels actifs, susceptibles de couvrir ces frais, possédez-vous ?

Pour vous assurer que vous obtenez le type et le montant de couverture d’assurance vie adéquats, veillez à demander conseil à un agent d’assurance vie chevronné pour obtenir une évaluation approfondie de vos besoins.

Life Insurance Resources

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Nous sommes là pour vous aider

Communiquez avec un agent titulaire d’un permis d’assurance vie près de chez vous.


Pamela Brown (CAN)

WFGIA client Pamela Brown shares her story about why she purchased life insurance and how important it is for everyone to secure our financial futures.
I've been working at the same job for almost thirty-nine years, as a safety and security manager for a major retail shopping center in Edmonton. I always wanted to live a life of service of some kind, and I found it with this job. 

My husband and I wanted children. but weren't blessed with a child until I turned 40. Although we had been living off two incomes, we were down to one as one of us wanted to stay home with our baby. We had just enough money to buy a house, but not much else. When we needed some financial help, I went to the banks and asked for some assistance – these were banks we dealt with for decades - and was laughed out of the office.

As luck would have it, and because we put our prayer out there on the wind, a young man came to our door and said, “Would you like to learn more about making your money work for you?” And we said yes. He moved on, so our account was given to Betty, who showed up bright and bubbly. She was so authentic and honest and open and didn't make us feel like we were stupid for not investing when we were in our 20s. She just found a way to help us get going. 

You know what, it's a blessing that young man arrived when he did. In 2015 my husband was diagnosed with cancer and passed away shortly after the diagnosis -we found out about it in June, and he passed away in July. His life insurance basically saved the house, saved my daughter's future and my future. And we wouldn't have had anything if we were depending entirely on the banks.

When we got the medical diagnosis for my husband, we kind of figured that we'd have time. And then, suddenly - he's gone. Betty was at the house at least once a week. She not only helped me with the paperwork that needed to be done to take care of his business affairs, but also let me know that she was there if I needed help in any other way.

My advice to young people, whether you are on your own or a couple, find a way to secure your future. Even if you invest small. Start somewhere; you can do the same with your insurance. But sit down and talk to a WFG agent to help you find a way to get the insurance you need for your family and to grow with it. Red Oak #1819868 – 08.21


Alex Nunez (US)

Alex Nunez shares his journey on obtaining life insurance for his father during the COVID-19 pandemic. The information and opinions expressed below are that of Alex Nunez only and not WFGIA. 

The request was born out of a need to get life insurance for my father. I contacted a cousin of mine, but he didn't have the necessary license, so he connected me to Mr. Yohan, who is a fully licensed agent at WFG.  

I had originally tried to obtain a life insurance policy with a competitor to WFGIA, because I had used them before. Even though I was along-time customer with this competitor, they could not fulfill the need. Mr. Yohan showed a lot of fortitude and was able to obtain an insurance policy for my father, which relieved my anxiety by letting me extend an honorable burial to somebody and not have to scramble when that time comes. 

Getting a policy for my father was very difficult to because of the logistics. My father is in Florida and I'm in Syracuse, New York, and my agent is in New York City.  

Once I was in touch with Mr. Yohan, we made headway and that left me impressed because it wasn't just a one day get on the phone, let's do this. Mr. Yohan and WFGIA did a wonderful job pushing through all these barriers that kept presenting themselves. It was a tremendous task. It took about four weeks to move all these pieces to get it done. In a pandemic when we didn't know any information, he got it done in that time. 

In addition, I want to add that the policy came with a benefit that I do not have from my other policies. It’s a Concierge policy, and, as I understand it, the policy will arrange and shop around for the best possible prices for funeral services. It really is something priceless and very, very important.”

 I'm very happy with what transpired with WFG.  Thank you for sharing my experience. I truly do hope other people benefit and open their eyes to some of those things that WFG offers because they have truly wonderful products.

 Red Oak #1820155-08.21

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