What to Expect as an Agent

Interested in becoming a life licensed agent and independent business owner in the financial services industry? It takes hard work and determination to succeed, but WFG has your back every step of the way.

At WFG, an agent’s success is our success. An agent’s reputation is our reputation. Our agents are our central focus.

An Investment in Your Future

A college degree or a background in finance is not required to become a licensed agent with WFG, but it does take:

A Willingness to Learn.

Studying and preparation are necessary to join the thousands of agents who pass their licensing exam. Many of our agents earn their license within three to four months, but you set your own timeline – you control the pace! 

During this time, you will learn about the products and services you can offer, and build a foundation of knowledge that you can share with your clients and provide them with fair and sound support in the years to come.

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Your Commitment to Build the Business.

As most of our agents will tell you, starting and growing any business, but particularly in financial services, isn’t always easy, but it is immensely rewarding. No one is expecting overnight success, so go at your own speed and build the business as big as you want it to be. You’ll be surrounded by people whose footsteps you can follow.   

You can also start - and keep - your business as a part-time opportunity, or you can go full time. The decision is completely up to you.

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Some Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Starting a business does incur some costs, but at WFG we try to keep these expenses as low as possible, especially when compared to others in the industry. Some of the fees that are required when you decide to be a WFG business owner include:

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United States Fees

Initial Fee to Associate
Pre-Licensing Education Fee 1
$20 - $250 (Costs range based on provider)
Exam Fee 2
$100 (approximate cost – varies by state)
E&O Costs for Life Licensed Agents 3
$520 Annually
Platform Fee for Licensed Agents 4
$15 Monthly

Canada Fees

Initial Fee to Associate
$150 + applicable taxes
Pre-Licensing Education Fee 1
$169 + applicable taxes
Exam Fee 2
$100 (approximate cost – varies by province)
E&O Costs for Life Licensed Agents 3
$420 Annually
Platform Fee for Licensed Agents 4
$20 Monthly
  1. Becoming  licensed also requires this additional cost, which is paid to the education providers, not WFG. In the United States, we have agreements  with several education providers who will charge from $20 - $250 dollars  for education depending on the type of course. Exam fees are approximately  $100, but can vary by state.
  2. The  HLLQP Pre-Licensing Bundle, available through the contracted pre-licensing    provider, costs $169 plus applicable taxes. This bundle, which includes  the Canadian Ethics Course for Life Insurance Agents and Anti-Money Laundering in the Financial Industry, provides all the necessary study  materials to write the provincial exam(s) and become licensed with WFG.  Exam fees are approximately $100, but can vary by province. 
  3. All life licensed agents, no matter what insurance agency they are affiliated with, have a regulatory requirement to hold Errors & Omissions insurance. The premiums can be paid quarterly or annually, and are not refundable. In the United States, New York resident agents must obtain and maintain their own E&O insurance.
  4. The  Platform Fee is for access to our suite of technology tools that can help  you run your business more efficiently and effectively. The initial charge  is $25 per month. This fee increases for individuals who also possess a  securities license, as does the amount of tools offered.

Support When You Need It

You are not alone. WFG believes in the power of mentorship, and our experienced agents can show you how to be successful here. Seek their advice: They’ve been in your shoes and know that while there may be challenges, there are huge benefits to being a WFG agent. In turn, you can bolster the hopes and aspirations of each member of your team. Provide support to one another, and together, you can succeed. And remember, you have a team of several hundred U.S. and Canadian home office staff to support you.

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Read more about how we can help in our Training & Support section.

A Business Model For Growth

Say goodbye to limitations and the status quo. WFG offers a solid business model for growth, with a wide variety of ways to earn income. As you reach new levels of advancement with WFG, your earning opportunities continue to increase. We believe our structure provides the ideal formula to motivate ambitious business owners and their teams to reach their full potential.

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Offices Across North America

With leaders serving families  across the United States and Canada, you can find a WFG office to help you launch your business. Start making a difference in your community today with the local support and structure you need to grow and expand your business.

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Transform Your Future

Whether or not you decide that WFG is right for you – either as a part-time opportunity to earn income or as a full-time career – meeting with one of our agents offers you the chance to improve your financial literacy as well as the potential freedom and future you envision. Our ultimate goal is for everyone to succeed.

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If you're interested in becoming a WFG client, visit our Client Expectations section.

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