We believe that with choice comes freedom. Providing you access to a wealth of financial strategies and services
from reputable providers, we empower you to choose what’s right for your future.

What We Offer

While no one strategy is guaranteed to solve all of your financial worries,
our array of products and services are just what you need to start working toward your goals.
Explore what we can do for you.

Financial Strategies

We work with you to provide a clear financial strategy to go from where you are to where you want to be through:

• Financial Needs Analysis
• Financial Goal Setting
• Strategies to Pursue Your Goals

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Insurance Protection

Life's scenarios can vary from person to person, and from family to family. Our insurance products can help cover you for a lifetime and help prepare you for when the unexpected happens:

• Life Insurance
• Disability Insurance
• Long Term Care Insurance (U.S. Only)
• Segregated Funds (Canada Only)
• Guaranteed Interest Accounts (Canada Only)

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Retirement Strategies

The truth is, we’re living longer. We can help prepare you to enjoy those golden years to the fullest with the retirement strategy of your choice:

• Annuities
• Registered Retirement Savings Plans (Canada Only)
• Tax-Free Savings Accounts (Canada Only)

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College Funding Plans

Whether preparing to send your first or fifth child to college/university, we can help you begin saving now with:

Preparing for college (U.S. Only)

Business Strategies

For the small business owner, we provide financial and investment strategies for you, your employees and your business, including:

• Insurance Strategies
• Retirement Strategies
• Executive Compensation (U.S. Only)
• Business Continuation Programs (U.S. Only)

Estate Preservation

We help you keep more of what you’ve earned. Working with your tax and legal professionals, we’ll develop a strategy to help preserve your legacy and avoid it decreasing due to federal and, in the United States, estate taxes:

• Charitable Strategies & Trusts (U.S. Only)
• Life Insurance Trusts (U.S. Only)
• Wealth Replacement Trusts (U.S. Only)
• Life Insurance (Canada Only)
• Annuities (Canada Only)

Our Network of Providers

We offer our vast selection of financial strategies and services through relationships with some of the most well-known providers and carriers in the industry. In fact, each provider we partner with must be rated A or higher by industry standards. Here are a few of the quality providers we represent:

U.S. Providers

Canada Providers

The city and state locations of the U.S. companies are: AMS Financial Solutions, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Crump, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Everest Funeral Package, LLC, Houston, Texas; Nationwide LifeInsurance Company, Columbus, Ohio; Pacific Life Insurance Company, Newport Beach, California; Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
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