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Our Events

WFG is about teamwork.  Nothing motivates a team more than regular live events to celebrate, rejuvenate, and educate agents at all levels of the field. Live events reconnect agents for mutual support, to share advice, to exchange knowledge, and to celebrate accomplishments.

Virtually Unstoppable

WFG’s annual Women’s Conference is dedicated to all of our agents with a focus on women leaders. Virtually Unstoppable is open to anyone looking for solutions and tips from successful business leaders.  

A group of WFG’s foremost women leaders shares their path to success, their thoughts on mentorship, and the challenges they overcame as business owners. Topics include unique challenges faced by women in any business environment. Leaders who have succeeded in building a business will share their tips for success.

Virtually Unstoppable 2022
WFG's top leaders convene in Hawai'i to rejuvenate.


Each year, agents who qualify to attend the annual reward trip enjoy the experiences of a different island in Hawaii. Find a tranquil place to relax and rejuvenate and get ready to conquer the world when you return home. Utilize tips and tools you exchanged with fellow leaders during your stay. Learn about the Hawaii reward trip from the home office when the qualifying period opens.


An international destination awaits the agents who qualify to attend Odyssey — the ultimate reward trip. Odyssey provides once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for fun, excitement and adventure in unique destinations around the globe. Past destinations have included Munich, Vienna, and London; the Tahitian islands; a journey to Spain and Portugal, and Ireland. Watch your home office communications for how to qualify.

Tiger School is advanced training for our up and coming team leaders.

Tiger School

An exclusive three-day intensive educational experience for select top Senior Marketing Directors (SMDs) and Executive Marketing Directors (EMDs). Courses are taught by some of WFG's most successful field leaders. Tiger School educates leaders on how to maximize their potential and take their business to even higher levels.


The signature annual gathering of WFG agents and leadership. Convention draws together thousands of WFG agents - from the newest associates to the most seasoned team leaders - to the Garden Arena of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Convention opens with a recognition celebration of the previous year's high achievers and team leaders. Two more days follow with addresses by renowned motivational speakers and Transamerica and WFG leadership.  The week is punctuated with exciting Vegas-style entertainment.

WFG Annual Convention in Las Vegas