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You're Always Connected

Female entrepreneur using marketing tools provided by World Financial Group.

Create a website for your business that will help you stay connected. WFG provides independent financial professionals with state-of-the-art technology and marketing tools that let you submit new business, track sales and income, conveniently communicate with clients, and maximize team performance with speed and precision. Bolster your online presence with WFG marketing technology today.

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Monitor Your Business

The WFG Engage online CRM database lets you easily view all your prospects, clients, and team members from any mobile device so that the critical information you need to run your business is always within reach.

Licensed agent using marketing tools provided by World Financial Group to ensure success.
Licensed WFG agent using MyWFG (inhouse marketing tool) on his laptop.

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Keeping You Informed

MyWFG is the exclusive WFG agent site that provides a comprehensive gateway to your key business reports, company updates, regulatory guidance, and other critical information needed to stay on top of a constantly evolving industry.

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Your Online Presence

WFG will help you create an independent agent page that can be personalized with an extensive collection of customization options. Modernized with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your page will serve as a hub for clients and prospects to easily discover your services and availability.

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Insurance agent using marketing resources.

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A Wealth of Marketing Resources

With a vast library of pre-approved, professionally designed emails and social media posts, engage with clients on a whole new level with WFG’s Campaign Manager. Through this online marketing platform, you’ll have access to polished resources and tools to launch and track a memorable marketing campaign for any occasion.

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Your Professional Use of  Social Media

We can help you maintain an engaging social media presence by providing infographics, images, and videos designed to engage followers, generate likes and comments, and build your online brand. Interact with like-minded individuals from your personal social media account to continue growing as an independent financial professional. 

WFG independent agent using social media marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be included on my independent agent page? 
When you become an independent agent, you’ll be able to customize your own page to serve as a hub for promoting yourself and connecting with potential clients in your area. While you will have opportunities to personalize your page, every page should have your name, contact information, availability, and a button that allows clients to schedule appointments.

What kinds of financial market tools are available to agents? 
Our team at World Financial Group has a variety of pre-approved emails and social media posts that will allow you to promote yourself as an independent agent. These assets will make it easy to create your own marketing campaign. Everything can be edited at your leisure if you’d like to make them more personalized. WFG Engage, the online CRM database, is another tool that will help you grow your business, allowing you to manage your contacts and take your work on the go.

How does financial marketing help me work toward the success of my business? 
Utilizing marketing technology and the insurance marketing materials that we provide can have a significant impact on each independent agent. Word-of-mouth marketing is great, but by creating an online presence, you’ll be able to make yourself known to even more potential clients and grow your business even faster.

How can I use my independent agent page to grow my brand with WFG? 
When you become a WFG agent, you’ll be able to create your own online page for potential clients to reach you and schedule appointments. World Financial Group can offer recommended copy that will help your rank well on search engines. By utilizing these marketing strategies, WFG agents can help increase the potential for conversions and new clients.