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Business Strategies

Business Strategies

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Business strategies help improve profitability and long-term value for an organization.  A business strategy includes a clear set of plans, actions, and goals that outline how a business will compete. A clear roadmap helps define actions and prioritize steps and rules to form a solid business strategy. 

Questions You May Have

  • How do I begin pinpointing strengths/weaknesses within my company?
  • What information do I use to learn how to allocate resources properly?
  • How often do I need to review my business strategy to achieve long term stability and growth? 
    After setting up a business strategy, organizations should make decisions and allocate resources to accomplish critical objectives and remain competitive.

What We Offer

Drawing up a business development strategy can guide you, your team, and your business. World Financial Group Insurance Agency, LLC (WFGIA) gives you access to many financial products and the power to choose what’s right for you.

  • Insurance Strategies: A critical part of preparing for the future is protecting it. Several corporate strategies can help you reward and retain your personnel.
    • Group Insurance Benefit Plans (Not available from WFGIA in Quebec)
  • Retirement Strategies: It’s essential for a business owner not only to invest in the company but also in the employees who work there. 
    • Group Pension or Registered Retirement Savings Plans
  • Executive Compensation (U.S. Only): These strategies can help you attract quality employees and retain key personnel. Life insurance can be a suitable way to fund executive compensation programs. Listed below are life insurance options to explore to find the one that may fit your needs.
    • Deferred Compensation
    • Executive Bonus
    • Split Dollar
    • Key Person Insurance
  • Business Continuation Programs (U.S. Only): You’ve worked hard to build the business of your dreams, so ensure it’s protected. Some types of life insurance can help fund:
    • Buy-Sell Arrangements
    • Business Continuation Strategies
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