Complete Business Platform

As a WFG entrepreneur, you're in business for yourself, but not by yourself. The company’s business platform offers the tools and resources you need to launch and build a financial services business that has the potential to help change the futures of thousands of families for generations to come. This platform, coupled with your willingness to learn and determination to succeed, can help you start a new career and own your future.

The Power of Duplication

Learn our proven, easy-to-grasp business system and repeat it, over and over again. By following these simple steps, you can earn income and build leadership skills, while blazing a trail for entrepreneurs you bring onto your team.

Turnkey Technology & Strategies

Take Your Business Anywhere You Go

The world moves at the speed of digital – and so should your business. Our technology enables you to submit applications, track sales and income, monitor team performance, and accomplish so many other business-related tasks. As a WFG business owner, you have the systems and services that drive your business forward, no matter where you are.

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Control Your Business From One Website

From the moment you log in to the WFG associate intranet, you have management-level access to all aspects of your business. It’s your comprehensive gateway to the data, updates, and tools you need to run a sophisticated, modern business. From business-related reports to company news, as well as field training videos, marketing materials and easy-to-use apps, you can execute key business functions like a pro.

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Build Strong Client Relationships

Your contacts are everything in this business. Leverage them with the power of our advanced client relationship management (CRM) software from Salesforce. It equips you with tools and automation to help you stay on top of the key drivers of your business. Close sales faster. Create smooth processes. Craft your ideal workflow. Build relationships that build trust, longevity, and profitability.

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Measure Your Success

Technology that tracks your business performance is always just a few clicks away. In seconds, you can obtain the actionable insights you need to reach your goals. And easy access to your business metrics is the key to improvement and growth. Seeing isn't just believing – it's achieving.

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Tools That Grow With You

When you start a business, everything can feel new and overwhelming. WFG combats this with an approach that allows you to ramp up at your own pace. This means beginners can focus on the right steps with fewer speed bumps, and as you move forward, the next level of tools are there when you need them.

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Digital Marketing Power

Establish Your Online Presence

Get instant credibility online by simply activating your content-rich, mobile-responsive, professionally designed website that supports search engine optimization (SEO). Share your contact info, compelling videos, educational tools and lead generators in a snap.

Use Social Media to Build Your Brand

Access captivating social media images, quotes, infographics, text posts, and videos from a vast library that's ready, waiting, and constantly expanding. Everything you need to build a social media presence – from engaging followers, generating likes and comments, and building your brand online – has never been easier.

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Use Email Marketing to Expand Your Reach

Our smart email marketing tools enable you to reach your contacts with the right message at the right time. The result? Stronger relationships, more referrals, better sales, solid growth.

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Track Responses and Engagement

Keep your finger on the pulse of your marketing campaigns so you'll know when to take action. Analyze engagement and make informed decisions based on open rates, click rates, and contact actions.

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Leverage Pre-Created Campaigns

While you're building relationships and serving your clients and team members, we craft the creative programs you need to succeed. Campaigns are ready right now to send, post, activate, and share.

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Products & Providers 

As a licensed WFG business owner, you represent not one, but several insurance and financial services companies. You have the opportunity to find the product or service to meet your clients’ needs – for now and in the future.

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Full Support From Our Home Office Team

Our experienced home office team professionally manages complex business processes so you can focus less on administrative tasks and maximize your time with clients and your team.

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Field Leaders Who Have Your Back

With WFG’s mentoring culture, field leaders are with you every step of the way to advise and support you as you build your business. You'll learn from leaders who've been where you are now and have the experience to help you hit the ground running.


Leadership to Help You Succeed

A Business Model For Growth

Say goodbye to limitations and the status quo. WFG offers a solid business model for growth, with a wide variety of ways to earn income. As you reach new levels of advancement with WFG, your earning opportunities continue to increase. We believe our structure provides the ideal formula to motivate ambitious business owners and their teams to reach their full potential.

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Training at Every Turn

One of the most advantageous benefits of building your business with WFG is the personal and professional development you experience. At its core, our system is leadership-centered and training-focused. Experienced entrepreneurs and business mentors are motivated to help you learn and succeed fast.

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Offices Across North America

With leaders serving families  across the United States and Canada, you can find a WFG office to help you launch your business. Start making a difference in your community today with the local support and structure you need to grow and expand your business.

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Different by Design

Our innovative business model helps entrepreneurs succeed together and avoid the obstacles that plague traditional financial services businesses. Now, just about anyone with ambition can build a financial services organization that can scale without limits. Discover how you can build the business of your dreams without creating the competition of your nightmares.

Traditional Agency

Individual agents work for the firm's business owner. 

In the traditional model, the business owner hires and trains team members to work for the firm. 

Our Model

Independent business owners work together as a team. 

In our model, a business owner recruits and trains other business owners to work together as a team.


Traditional Agency

The business owner always has the top contract.

Regardless of your background and experience, only the top business owner has the opportunity to reach the highest level contract.

Our Model

Any business owner can have the top contract. 

Regardless of your background and experience, everyone has the opportunity to reach the highest level contract.


Traditional Agency

Team members must leave to get an equal contract.

Team members who believe they deserve the top contract are forced to venture out and find it from another business opportunity or by starting their own firm.

Our Model

With equal opportunity, team members stick together. 

When business owners have the same opportunity, they can work together as equals and focus on growing everyone’s business by adding new business owners to the team. 


Traditional Agency

Team members can become the new competition.

When team members leave to seek a higher contract, all the training and experience they gained can make them a formidable, new competitor for the original firm. 

Our Model

Growth can be scaled.

When business owners have the incentive to stick together and support each other, entrepreneurs can create a residual, passive income and a business that can scale without limits. 


Average Earnings Speak for Themselves*

If you’re determined to own your future, you’ll find the compensation and advancement structures offered by the WFG business platform are unlike anything else in the financial industry. The following are the average and highest earnings for a rolling 12-month period through December 31, 2019 for North American agents who held life, securities and/or investment advisory licenses.

Leadership Level

Average Earnings

Highest Earnings

Senior  Marketing  Director (life  licensed  only)
Senior  Marketing  Director (life  and  securities  only)
Senior  Marketing  Director (life,  securities  and  advisory)
Executive Marketing Director
CEO Marketing Director
Executive Vice Chairman & Up
> $10,000,000

4 Ways to Build Income

We offer one of the industry’s most robust compensation plans on a diversified product portfolio. As you advance through our ranks and build your business, you can earn more money while helping more people.

Personal Income

When you write new business you earn a commission and, as you reach preset levels, your commission percentage increases. We encourage you to reach out to everyone, not just high earners, so there are no limits to how many people you can help.

Team Income

As you grow and expand your business, you have the chance to build a team by mentoring and coaching newly licensed agents. As they write new business, you can earn a portion of their commissions.

Expansion Income

You’re free to expand your business anywhere in North America.** From a local team to teams you establish in other towns or states, our platform supports your efforts and helps you support your organization.

**Certain restrictions apply.

Bonus Income

Qualified leaders earn a pro-rata share of an override on our entire field force. Your portion of the bonus can grow based on your organization’s production. These bonuses can multiply and compound your earning potential, and reward you for the quantity and quality of your business.

Where Entrepreneurs Succeed*

People have built businesses using our platform that have led many of them to earn significant incomes. As is shown below, commissions have steadily risen over the last several years.


Build a Business with Us

Ready to own your future? Leveraging our turnkey business system, you can build your own financial services business as you help protect those in your community.

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