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We invite you to build your financial game plan with the help of a World Financial Group professional. Backed by Transamerica and powered through relationships with some of the most well-known insurance and financial services providers in North America, WFG’s team of 50,000-plus independent agents have been serving the needs of clients for over two decades. Whether you’re worried about paying off debt, saving for college, or planning for retirement, we can help you reach the goal line.

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Check out these videos covering some important fundamentals that can help you better plan out your financial future.

What is the Rule of 72?

This simple financial concept helps estimate how long it takes to double your money in any interest-bearing account. All you need to know is yourinterest rate, then apply the rule and get the answer.

The High Cost of Waiting

When it comes to reaching your financial goals, time is valuable and there is nothing more expensive than waiting to start saving for your future.

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